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What is a loan?

A loan is an agreement in accordance with which one participant (lender) transfers funds for temporary use or ownership to another participant (borrower). The contract is concluded for a certain period, after which the debtor must return an equal amount of money, as well as pay the interest specified in the contract.

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Emergency loan

Every second resident of the country at least once faced with the need to quickly receive money. What are the features of an emergency loan:

  • issued within half an hour or several minutes;
  • payment term not more than a month;
  • no penalty for early repayment of the entire amount;
  • no guarantee and certificates of employment are required;
  • It is not required to have a positive credit history.

  • 01.

    The mission of our service is to help people solve urgent monetary issues.

    Short-term loans

    The company specializes in issuing short-term loans

    Our task

    Our task is to provide microloans to the population on the most favorable conditions: without hidden interest, without information, without commissions, without guarantors.


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    About us

    Management Team

    Over more than five years of work in the microcredit market, the company has gained a reputation as a responsible and reliable partner, providing a stable quality of service for its customers. Due to the openness and honesty of the company, the number of regular borrowers is growing steadily every day. The total number of our customers exceeds 300,000.


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    About Us

    Today our company is one of the most visible on the consumer microcredit market and is represented by an extensive network of offices in 80 cities of the US.


    The main advantages of the company

    Personal Loans

    • clear terms of the loan
    • lack of hidden fees
    • the possibility of prolonging the loan term
    • convenient payment methods
    • developed network of offices in the United States
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    Information on the conditions for the provision, use and repayment of a personal loan

    Loan Application

    • Fast - loan disbursement time is 15 minutes
    • Failsafe - 99% of loan applications receive approval
    • Without collateral - loans are issued without collateral Without collateral
    • Without guarantors - to obtain a loan, third party guarantee is not required
    • Availability of a job is not required for a loan
    • No inquiries - only an ID card is needed for a loan
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    Fixed personal loan rates range from 5.99% APR to 18.82%

    Checking your rate will not affect your credit score

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